of Light

9 - 14 April 2019
Euroluce / Salone Del Mobile
Fiera Rho, Milan
Hall 15 / Stand C43 / D36

Traces by Reader in Perception Katarína Kudějová Fulínová and Professor of Interpretation Kateřina Handlová

After eleven years of diligent research, we have developed our own theory – The Theory of Light. We found that the beauty of light consists of four key elements – Spectrum, Reflection, Nature and Perception. There is also a fifth essential element which is common to all the others – the Glass.


Is it possible to express yourself through light? Can we transform our emotions into a ray of light? Do emotions possess color? Those were some of the questions which our Reader in Perception Katarína Fulínová, and Professor of Interpretation Katka Handlová raised while conducting their experiment which charts the viewers’ emotions through light and color. The installation refracts any kind of emotion. Feeling angry or sad? Go ahead! More emotions create more diverse light.

The ladies allow viewers to become co-creator of a spectacular installation which interacts with the viewer’s orientation. The installation was inspired by the cosmic nebula – a giant cloud of dust and gas in space that can enhance the refraction of certain colors and light, and which is in a state of permanent flux.

Fun facts

  1. Emotions are electrochemical signals that flow through our body. They are just brain’s response to the perception about the situation and world around us.
  2. The two ladies living in two different continents discovered that the best way they can communicate with each other is through light
  3. There are places hidden deep in space where stars are born and die – these are called nebulae. They can be seen in the night sky with the naked eye.

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