Monster Cabaret

17 - 22 April 2018
Teatro Gerolamo
Piazza Ceasare Beccaria 8, Milan

The Leftism by Maxim Velčovský

My Lenin suffers from malignant forms of leftism,“ explains the discrepancy Velčovský. Made of fused glass monster Lenin shines in his beloved color – red as a five-pointed star.


Maxim Velčovský was born in 1976 in Prague. He completed his studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and in 2002 he became co-founder of the Qubus design studio. In 2007, he won the Czech Designer of the Year award. In 2011, while also heading the Ceramics and Porcelain Atelier of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Velčovský became Art Director of Lasvit.

In the Prague of times past, the face of the main “designer“ of the October Revolution used to stare at you from every corner. “Lenin was all around us and partly also within us,“ says Velčovský about his childhood. He grew up in the 70s and 80s, when he lived in Lenin Street nearby Lenin Metro Station, learned about Lenin at school and even read fairytales about the Soviet leader.

At first glance, his glass Lenin is a decent portrait of a person – it looks like the same Lenin we used to know from portraits and statues – but when you look closer, something isn´t quite right. “Both his left limbs are bigger. My Lenin suffers from malignant forms of leftism,“ explains Velčovský. Made of fused glass, the monster Lenin shines true in his beloved color – he is red as a five-pointed star.

In the real world, there was only one Lenin, but in the world of glass, we can afford to have even two versions of them - big and small. There will be an unbelievable 12 pieces of the big ones, enough for every continent and with a few to spare. The small one, however, can spread his word to every place on the globe. It is produced in unlimited quantities and fits in just about everywhere. Behold and beware!

My monsters

What are your private monsters?

I have a lot of monsters and I struggle with all of them because I once read that one should not let fear stand in the way of his dreams.

What are the most frightening monsters of today?

Some monsters from the past are still current, for example Silvio Berlusconi. Others appear thanks to a grasp at power, like Donald Trump. As a bizarre billionaire, Trump was just a ridiculous man with grotesque hair we used to laugh at. With his desire for power came a shock. What we used to say as sarcasm to a buddy after our sixth beer, he speaks soberly from behind the blue counter with “President of the United States of America“ emblazoned on it. This monster is especially frightening because it snores every night in its lair with a nuclear football with a big red button on the inside

What was the monster you were afraid of in your childhood?

I remember I was afraid of a monster in the shape of a curtain holder. That thing had two holes and looked like a head of the Ku Klux Klan member. Other monsters were fairytales creatures we invented based on the fairytale stories we heard from a gramophone. Therefore, most of my monsters were abstractevery night in its lair with a nuclear football with a big red button on the inside

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Teatro Gerolamo

Piazza Cesare Becaria 8, Milan


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