Monster Cabaret

17 - 22 April 2018
Teatro Gerolamo
Piazza Ceasare Beccaria 8, Milan

St. George & The Dragon by Jaroslav Brychta

Once upon a time, a man of flesh and bones conquered a monster. The legend has it that St. George slayed a dragon, which created a myth and shaped humankind to the extent that a story about courage and a heroic act can do.


He was born in Pohodlí near Litomyšl in 1895 and died in 1971 in Železný Brod. Initially trained as a sculptor at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Brychta applied his creative talents to glass, which led to the invention of a number of glassmaking techniques. He contributed artistic aspects to the craft and received international recognition for his wound and wire-strung, as well as drawn glass statues. His art form is characteristic for its delicacy, humor and detail, and his work is represented in many museum collections.

Possibly, the dragon was part real, part George’s chimera which his fear and imagination then magnified into a supernatural monster of unknown strength and intelligence. What did the battle represent? The final moral of the story rests on a choice verging on the human and the transcendental: could Saint George have won without the bloodshed, could the monster have been mastered to serve and protect the man and his kin? Or was the death of the monster also fatal for the hero himself? Without a posed challenge, whom or what do we fight?

The seemingly fragile statuette of “Saint George and the Dragon“ represents not only tales of heroes and monsters, but all of history. Originally dating back to ca. 1925, the statue’s story is set after the First World War when Europe was recuperating from the traumas of death and destruction, when restoration of order was slowly mounting. There was new hope, and the young state of Czechoslovakia quickly became independent, prosperous and progressive, igniting the free Bohemian talents. The statue was resurrected in the 21st century to be part of the monster collection brought together by Lasvit.

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Teatro Gerolamo

Piazza Cesare Becaria 8, Milan


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