Monster Cabaret

17 - 22 April 2018
Teatro Gerolamo
Piazza Ceasare Beccaria 8, Milan

Rombo by Alessandro Mendini

At the beginning of the creation of these monsters was Alessandro´s belief that every self-respecting object contains a bit of monstrosity.


Alessandro was born in Milan in 1931. He designs objects, furniture, installations or architecture. His design is characterized by his interest in mixing different cultures and forms of expression. His works can be found in various museums and private collections.

Like if you look at the world through two different eyeglasses.

“Using one pair, I see all my objects as normal. Using the other, I see them as monsters,”

described the author. Rombo 1 and Rombo 2 have rhombic form and the same shape. The catch is that one of them is right side up and the other upside down.

Both vases can be “dressed” into five different glass colors – clear, rose, amber, blue and green. The bits of red and blue glass are applied to the thick and slightly wavy body to delineate the image of two counter-positioned faces. “The sense of monstrosity is given by the scheme of the face, which doesn´t have the natural curved shape, but has taken on the rigid geometry of robot figure,” added Alessandro Mendini.

My monsters

What are your private monsters?

My brain and my sentiments are full of beautiful things, many ideas, many dreams but also many nightmares and monsters as well.

What monsters were you afraid as a child?

As a young child, I was afraid of the dark, dragons, devils or ogres. When the World War II came, my fears became more concrete. They were no longer imaginary. That war was my monster, my biggest nightmare.

What are the most frightening monsters of today?

The true monsters of today are war and violence.

Find your monsters

Teatro Gerolamo

Piazza Cesare Becaria 8, Milan


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