Monster Cabaret

17 - 22 April 2018
Teatro Gerolamo
Piazza Ceasare Beccaria 8, Milan

Mori Monsters by Moritz Waldemeyer

Two monsters originating in Persian mythology are a danger for both living and dead. “Ghoul is a grave digging spirit who devours the dead. Jen on the other side is an evil spirit taking possession of people’s bodies and inhabiting them, “said about his creation Moritz Waldemeyer.


Moritz Waldemeyer was born in 1974 in German city Halle. He lives and creates in London. He is an internationally renowned designer based in London. His work occupies a diverse range of creative spaces, from art and product design to fashion and entertainment

Although their physical glass form is simple and minimal almost cute, their eyes are illuminated by the evil spirit inside them. Each eye consists of a matrix of LEDs allowing for simple animations that bring the monster to life.

Their creator wanted to counterbalance extreme measure of evil and gave them the look inspired by Japanese “kawaii”. „ Pairing such a monstrous background with our kawaii design felt like bringing the project into perfect balance. In line with the tradition of comic characters each monster can be redrawn and instantly recognized by a single outline,“ added Waldemeyer.

My monsters

What are your private monsters?

I like to call my kids little monsters, as they effortlessly go from perfect angels to little devils and supply endless entertainment along the way.

What was the monster you were afraid of in your childhood?

The nuclear arms of the cold war superpowers: nuclear war was always just around the corner and I clearly remember being very frightened by that thought as a child.

What are the most frightening monsters of today?

Global warming and the collective stupidity of mankind, most politicians.

Find your monsters

Teatro Gerolamo

Piazza Cesare Becaria 8, Milan


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