of Light

9 - 14 April 2019
Euroluce / Salone Del Mobile
Fiera Rho, Milan
Hall 15 / Stand C43 / D36

Liana by Designologist Maxim Velčovský

After eleven years of diligent research, we have developed our own theory – The Theory of Light. We found that the beauty of light consists of four key elements – Spectrum, Reflection, Nature and Perception. There is also a fifth essential element which is common to all the others – the Glass.


Humans aren’t the only ones who can create lighting – nature can do it as well. Bio-lights have attracted many scientists in the past, but Designologist Maxim Velčovský wanted to study a properly savage light. As a true explorer, Velčovský travelled to the Forlighten City to hunt for this light in its natural habitat with special metal net.

The overall piece resembles a tropical vine, hence its name: Liana means ‘vine’ in the Czech tongue. Liana can be optimized for any space. Don’t be afraid to let nature inside!

Fun facts

  1. Fireflies can be seen during summertime. They shine during dark nights, mostly from 10 PM to 1 AM. Some fireflies synchronize their flashing.
  2. Maxim spent six months in the jungle hunting for the light.
  3. Altogether, 315 meters of copper net was used to create the shining installation.

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