of Light

9 - 14 April 2019
Euroluce / Salone Del Mobile
Fiera Rho, Milan
Hall 15 / Stand C43 / D36

New Lighting Experiments Warning: Please do try this at home

After eleven years of diligent research, we have developed our own theory – The Theory of Light. We found that the beauty of light consists of four key elements – Spectrum, Reflection, Nature and Perception. There is also a fifth essential element which is common to all the others – the Glass.

Experiment with glass

Artistic imagination, but you can learn a lot about glassmaking, what is hidden behind those rhymes. Do you know any other industry which can turn a chunk of a beach into a chandelier? Everything begins with a grain of sand, the small piece of galaxy that has been here for the eternity…

Molten glass is an indeterminate homogenous matter that looks like an incredibly hot honey while behaving the same way. Glassblowers has to be strong men, to bear the weight, and at the same time adroit dancers, to shape the final piece. To get the magic just right, you need to grow up with it and practice your entire life… and this magic has been happening in the Bohemian glassworks for centuries.

Fun facts

  1. When lighting strikes a sand, it can create a glass sculpture.
  2. Glass came to be in 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, Syria and Egypt. The earliest known objects are byproduct of metal works, which could be called as “happy accidents”.
  3. Red-stained glass was invented in Northern Bohemia in the beginning of the 19th century by Bedřich Egerman. To create the red stain, glass had to be fired in a kiln three times. The first firing created a yellow stain, the second created a black stain, and only the third firing resulted in the prized red stain.

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