Monster Cabaret

17 - 22 April 2018
Teatro Gerolamo
Piazza Ceasare Beccaria 8, Milan

BHSD by Maarten Baas

Make it look as naïve as it should be,” said himself Maarten Baas at the beginning of the creation of the collection and started to doodle.


This Dutch designer was born on 19th of February 1978 and grew up in the southwest and central region of the Netherlands. Maarten Baas is considered to be one of the most influential Dutch designers of the beginning of the 21st century. His works lie on the boundaries between art and design. His work is known as rebellious, playful, intellectual, theatrical and artistic.

“Monsters by Maarten Baas don´t have poetic names – they are called only BHSD-001, BHSD-002, BHSD-003, and BHSD-004, like the names for some fresh scientific discovery. And actually, they are a kind of a discovery.

“Recent digs in The Netherlands have discovered something interesting. Fossils of small monster beasts, ones with remarkably sharp teeth were found between the various layers of clay and sand.” Maarten thus spins the story which he created for these colorful rounded little monsters with their small feet, eyes, and teeth. They used their sharp small teeth “to kill and crunch their prey, but without eating it,” adds their creator. In the end, it makes sense, as these monsters have no stomach.

You can hold them in the palm of your hand, as even the biggest one isn´t larger than 20 cm. They look almost cute, but they are a wolf in sheep´s clothing. They are flat, almost two-dimensional. This way they can crawl about at night – you never know when it will happen. They hunt, kill, crunch and set fear into the heart of their unsuspecting prey.

And why they are made from glass? “Over the years, the sandy environment and unique weather circumstances made the fossils not stone, but glass,” replies Maarten without hesitation.

My monsters

What was the monster you were afraid of in your childhood?

I have no memories.

Find your monsters

Teatro Gerolamo

Piazza Cesare Becaria 8, Milan


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