of Light

9 - 14 April 2019
Euroluce / Salone Del Mobile
Fiera Rho, Milan
Hall 15 / Stand C43 / D36

Aura by Associate Professor of Light Diffraction Mária Čulenová

After eleven years of diligent research, we have developed our own theory – The Theory of Light. We found that the beauty of light consists of four key elements – Spectrum, Reflection, Nature and Perception. There is also a fifth essential element which is common to all the others – the Glass.


When we talk about light, one can say that “you have to break it, to see it.” You only see things when light rays bounce or are reflected off them. Aura is the result of a long process of experimentation with reflections. Associate Professor of Light Diffraction Mária Čulenová picked the moon as an object for experimentation, because the moon is the best representative of light reflection phenomena in the universe.

Aura showcases the individual phases of the moon. The special ingredients in the glass batch give it a look that is reminiscent of the moon’s surface, with all its plateaus, arid seas, and craters. All the hand-blown pieces are set into the metal frame which evokes for the viewer the aura which forms around shining objects.

Fun facts

  1. A mirror is one of the oldest inventions which makes use of light reflection. A thousand years ago, humans already looked at their reflection in the glossy surface of obsidian.
  2. Mária watched the moon exactly 178 times to find the perfect reflection of its shape and surface.
  3. Clear glass doesn´t reflect anything, but just give it a crack and you will see the light shining through. A small obstacle for the light wave, a giant leap for lighting!

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